Dear Visitors,

For its second edition, the "Vientiane Rendez-Vous" shall magnificently celebrate France in Laos. It is an opportunity for economic players to assess the dynamism of Laos today as well as its desire to open up to the world.

We are bound to Laos by historical ties now focused towards the future. Surrounded by powerful neighbors, "Land of a Million Elephants” certainly benefits from regional dynamism but still remains quite unknown.

It is therefore high time to bear more interest in Laos, which is why I strongly renew my support to the second edition of this event.

The “Vientiane Rendez-Vous” are relevant for our businesses as an opportunity to highlight, in addition to major groups, SMEs and SMIs which also create jobs and wealth and which must also be involved in these new challenges.

Our French companies have long been at work in Laos in key sectors and our country can flatter itself to be the 5th foreign investor and the first western nation present here.

Therefore, I can only be happy to see the “Vientiane Rendez-Vous” actively contributing to the influence of France in Laos. I will therefore participate for the second time in this event and I wish long life to these French-Lao weeks.

Since the beginning, the “Vientiane Rendez-Vous” have been the story of the collaboration between the French and the European business communities, the French Embassy, the Vientiane City Council and the Laotian government.

So, congratulations to President Alain Daout and to the Organization Committee as a whole, to the participants and to the volunteers who, thanks to their energy, their time and their passion are making this event a real success!

Thierry Mariani
Member of Parliament for the Eleventh constituency for French residents overseas
(Pacific, Asia, Eastern Europe)