The Vientiane Rendez-Vous is a privileged moment for the people of Paris and Laos to meet. This is an opportunity for our two people united by longstanding bonds of friendship and the values of the Francophonie, to discover more about each other and share their mutual cultures throughout these few days.

For this new edition, sustainable development shall be at the center of the debates as wished by the event organizers. Like other metropolitan areas in Asia, Vientiane is now experiencing a revival impetus. In its transformation, the Lao capital can count on the authentic support of Paris, which promises to promote wherever possible urban societies that are fairer and more respectful of the environment.

In Laos as elsewhere, Paris will also continue to support NGOs and field actors who work with underprivileged populations.

Come and join us at the Vientiane Rendez-Vous! .

Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris